About Us


My name is Ebony Blue and I am the owner of a small women’s Clothing and accessories online Boutique. I have been in business for about 2 years, sharing what I love and my passion, all over the world.

I started my boutique to provide affordable, fashionable clothing to mature working Mothers, Who still feel like "A Bad Ass inside.


I believe that every woman deserves to look and feel her best, no matter her budget. As a mother and my independent self LOL, I struggled to find places that sold the kind of clothes I wanted to wear. I was always looking for something new something different something posh! That's just who I am I don't fit into the crowd. And so naturally I to start my own business

I fill my boutique with an attractive and chic unique mix of designer affordable labels, and I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting brands to add to my collection. I pride myself on providing my customers with a unique shopping experience, and I work hard to make sure that every one of my customers feels welcome and valued.

If you're ever in need of some advice or help with putting together looks or general information please feel to reach out as I pride myself on exclusiveness and want everyone to feel like family, please feel free to reach out and say hi! I would love to meet be of service.


Our mission is to help you go from statement pieces to the latest trend, as well as everyday basic wear. we want to help equip you with the clothing and accessories that exude your personality achievements, style.

Exude You!